About the Firm

The Law Practice of Joseph M. Lally proudly serves the Weymouth, Quincy, Milton, Boston, Dorchester, Canton, Stoughton, Randolph, Dedham, Hingham, Hull, Abington, Brockton, Norfolk, Walpole, Wrentham, Norwell, Marshfield, Holbrook, Whitman, Hyde Park, Norfolk County, Suffolk County and Plymouth County locales.

The Legal Practice Areas of Joseph M. Lally:

The practice areas focused on by Joseph M. Lally include the following:

  • Traffic Law Issues: These types of cases could include various activities surrounding the operation of a motor vehicle. For example, speeding tickets and such.
  • Guardianships: When one person seeks to have legal authority over another person.
  • Employment Law Cases: Situations involving employer and employee relationships.
  • Contract Law: This is the legal agreement between two or more parties.
  • Lemon Law Litigation: A car is deemed to be a lemon when it has substantial defects and cannot be reasonably repaired. Consumers are protected from this type of product through the lemon law.
  • Consumer Protection Law: These laws are designed to protect the rights of consumers. Consumers should be able to use products with no fear of injury as a result of product use. When injuries or other problems occur, consumer protection laws come into play.
  • Personal Injury Law: This broad category of law consists of many types of situations. Car accidents make up a large part of this legal category but personal injuries can be a result of other incidents besides a car accident. A person can also be injured riding a bike, walking across a street or by the slip and fall.
  • Evictions And Tenant and Landlord Laws: This legal area includes various matters pertaining to renting property. This can be on the side of the tenant if they are not being treated properly or can be on the landlord side if they are not being paid and need to evict a tenant. There are many laws that surround these situations that need to be followed.
  • Criminal Law: This legal area includes anyone who is charged with a crime and is facing punishment.

Why It’s Important to Have Knowledgeable Help When Facing Legal Issues:

“Justice is Coming” is the slogan of the Law Offices of Joseph M. Lally for a reason. When clients need legal guidance, Joseph Lally is ready and willing to offer this help and guide clients through the legal process, ensuring justice is on its way. The various types of legal issues listed above all come with an abundance of possible difficulties. Thankfully, with proper legal guidance and representation, a client can come through to the other side of their legal issue and receive the justice they seek. Call Joseph M. Lally to learn how they can help you today.

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