South Shore Family and Divorce Lawyer

Joseph M. Lally, Weymouth, MA Family Lawyer focuses in part on the legal area of family law. The broad category of family law includes a wide variety of issues, some of which can cross into criminal law as well. These specific issues include protective orders and child or domestic abuse cases.

Massachusetts Family Law:

Family law is most often made up of legal issues such as marriage, divorce, and adoption. Within these broader categories, legal issues like child custody, alimony disputes, child support and property disputes associated with divorce often come up.

Divorce in the South Shore area:

Massachusetts is a no-fault divorce state. This means a person can claim an irretrievable breakdown of a marriage to merit a divorce. An irretrievable breakdown is defined as a situation in a marriage that cannot be resolved, meaning there is no chance of reconciliation in the relationship.

Common Sources of Contention in Divorce:

When a marriage comes to an end, often assets division and issues with children are the most contentious. Assets or property is often fought over with one person saying they have a right to the possession, money or property, while the other claims they do. Children are another common hot button issue. In most situations, both parents want to remain involved in their children’s lives and this can lead to parents fighting over their custodial and visitation rights to their children. Massachusetts allows both physical and legal custody of children and the custody can be either shared or be awarded to one parent.

Why It’s Important to Seek Legal Guidance in Family Law Matters:

Family law matters include various relational issues. As mentioned above, adoptions, divorces, and marriages fall under this broad legal term. Individuals might assume they don’t need legal guidance for family law matters, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Divorce, for example, has the tendency to become extremely contentious and if a person isn’t well represented by a knowledgeable attorney, they can easily end up unhappy with their divorce arrangement. The other legal matters also work out better when guided by someone who properly understands the laws surrounding the issues. Call us today to learn how we can help you deal with your family law matter.

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