South Shore Area Limited Assistance Representation

Attorney Joseph M. Lally had been practicing law in Massachusetts for more than a decade. He can help you will all of your legal problems, no matter how large or how small. He can works with you through Massachusetts’ limited assistance representation (LAR) program.

What is Limited Assistance Representation?

Massachusetts allows for Limited Assistance Representation, which means you can hire an attorney to do only the legal work you feel you need help with. Instead of paying for full legal representation, you only pay for those specific services that you think you need.

This means that Attorney Lally can help you navigate your way through the system in order to assist you with the best possible outcome while you do much of the work yourself, ultimately saving you huge legal fees.  Some options include having attorney Lally:

  • Prepare all court documents and file them for you, but he will make only a limited appearance.
  • Prepare all court documents for you, return the file to you and you will then represent yourself in court.
  • Direct you to the proper forms which you complete. He will review and correct them as necessary. You will then file the documents with the court and represent yourself.
  • Will spend an agreed upon time with you coaching you on any aspect of your case.
  • Review documents you have received.
  • Assist you with a specifically crucial event, like a case management conference, and make a limited appearance.

Attorney Lally will work with you and put a contract together which will specifically define the work you plan to have him do for you, how much that work will cost you, and how much work you will do for yourself. When the fee agreement is signed and a retainer is on deposit, he will begin his limited representation.

Contact Attorney Joseph M. Lally for Limited Assistance Representation (LAR)

Attorney Joseph M. Lally offers a free consultation. He is available for an appointment at your convenience. His office is located in Weymouth, MA, and he serves all of those in Weymouth, Quincy, Milton, Boston, Dorchester, Canton, Stoughton, Randolph, Dedham, Hingham, Hull, Abington, Brockton, Norfolk, Walpole, Wrentham, Norwell, Marshfield, Holbrook, Whitman, Hyde Park, Norfolk County, Suffolk County and Plymouth County. Call him today at (617 686-4784).

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